8 TV Show Concepts For Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen may have been ousted from “Two and a Half Men” in favor of Ashton Kutcher. But don’t think for a second that he’s out of the television game. According to insiders, he is thisclose to inking a deal for a comeback show. You know, because he’s been gone for so long. We have no idea exactly what the series will be—beyond that it’s created by Charlie for Charlie—but rumor has it that there will be 10 episodes in the first season. The word on the street is that Sheen is working with Lionsgate TV on the show and that TBS has been the highest bidder so far, only the network claims that isn’t the case and that they aren’t even in discussions. Huh?

Perhaps sometime this week we’ll hear what Charlie has planned for this new show. But in the meantime, we’d like to gift him with eight concepts for his return to the small screen.

  1. “Who Wants To Date A Winning Millionaire?” Now that Natalie Kenly has packed up and left the Sober Valley Lodge, Charlie could really benefit from a dating show. I’m thinking somewhere in between “The Bachelor” and “Singled Out,” where he gets to pick multiple winners in the end.
  2. “Two and a Quarter Men.” A sitcom in which Charlie will play both men and the child through the miracle of split screen technology. For the child, Sheen’s image will be shrunken down to appear one and a half feet tall.
  3. “Law and Order: Charlie Sheen Unit.” A series dramatically re-enacting all of Sheen’s brushes with the law.
  4. “The Charlie Shore.” In this reality series, Charlie would play den mother to a group of six 20-somethings who idolize his party-heart lifestyle and love the clubs.
  5. “Celebrity Rehab.” Or Charlie could skip the conceit of having his own show and check in for a little R&R with Dr. Drew? He’s said he’s not on anything and we’re willing to accept that. We just want to make sure he’s getting actual psychological help.
  6. “The Real Housewives of Charlie Sheen.” Starring his goddesses, ex wives, and favorite call girls.
  7. “Charlie.” A daytime talk show starring who else. Hey, someone needs to fill in the Oprah void.
  8. “Red Dawn: The TV Show.” Charlie has a Jack Bauer moment as he steps back into one of his first roles, as Matt in the classic tale of a band of teenagers fighting off invading Soviet forces.

What show would you like to see Charlie star in, if you have to watch him in something?

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