The Good, The Bad & The WTF: Saying Goodbye To The “Mob Wives” For Now

Hands down, “Mob Wives” has been my favorite new show on television for its delicious trashiness. Last night’s season finale over-delivered in the drama department. And, as Renée Graziano would put it, we all had front row seats. After the jump—the good, the bad, and the head-scratching moments. (Also, SPOILERS!) The Good:

  • Renée (finally) grows a pair. Renée announced to her therapist that she has kicked out her ex-husband, Junior (who is headed back to prison), and won’t let him crash at her house anymore. René also said she realizes she should not be putting anyone else’s problems before her own. Especially not, uh, her ex-husband who is headed back to prison. It only took her, like, 12 years of being divorced to figure this out!
  • This quote from Renée about Karen and Drita’s rocky friendship: “This is friendship. Figure it the f**k out or move the f**k on.” So, so true.
  • And this quote from Drita after she finds out her husband Lee cheated on her: “You don’t f**k with a bitch that’s been scorned.” Also very true.

The Bad:

  • Karen’s dirty laundry comes out and there is a lot of it: Karen has always been the most sane, most sympathetic character on the show. (Though the bar is admittedly rather low.) I don’t know why VH1 waited until the season finale to turn Karen into the villain, but damn, was there a lot of material. In their big screaming fight, Drita reveals that Karen hooked up with one of her boyfriends back in the day and that Karen cheated on her ex-boyfriend Lee (who is now Drita’s hubby) with lots of different guys. Crazy! I actually liked Karen a lot. Now, not so much.
  • The way Drita found out Lee cheated on her was kind of harsh: Drita walks into a hair salon with her daughter and a woman there who Drita has never met before knows her daughter’s name. After a little detective work, Drita figures out this woman used to be her husband’s girlfriend back when he wasn’t in prison. “He’s one lucky motherf**ker I found out when he was in jail,” Drita growls. Sigh. I have been there, girl. I mean, minus the jail part.

The WTF:

  • Duck lips: The biggest crime on “Mob Wives” is the egregious abuse of lip injectibles.
  • Drita and Karen’s screaming match gets crazy in 0 to 60: Drita picked up a friggin’ candle to bash over Karen’s head. Really, a candle? Really, who does that? Then Drita pulls the s**t out of Karen’s hair. Drita is so not the hair-pulling type, but she couldn’t really get at Karen because Renée threw herself on top of Karen to protect her. Now, that is a true friend.

Please, VH1, bring the “Mob Wives” back for a second season? I can’t be left hanging on all this drama! [VH1: Mob Wives]

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