Today’s Lady News: A Plus-Size Model Tells All

  • Philippa Allam, a British plus-size model, opens up to Lucky magazine about her modeling career and where bigger women can shop. [Lucky Mag]
  • Apparently, grunting in women’s tennis is a problem? [Telegraph UK]
  • What do you do when you see another woman or girl being catcalled and sexually harassed in public? [Feministing]

  • Working mothers stay at their jobs longer when they have workplace flexibility, according to a new study out of Baylor University. It’s lame that this is not obvious to some people. [UPI]
  • Ron Paul, who claims to be a libertarian, is going on an anti-abortion campaign tour. How very libertarian of him! [The Hill via Hay Ladies!]
  • PBS has lots of LBGT content coming up, including a program about the Gay Olympics and another about gay Navajos. [Queerty]


  • Jewish scholars are addressing the fact that sexual assault during the Holocaust has not been widely addressed. This article is very upsetting and intense, so you have been warned. (Thank you, commenter _JSW_ for the link.) [CNN]
  • Well, this is just lovely. Rwanda’s Minister of Women’s Affairs has been convicted of rape and genocide by the United Nations Tribunal. [Feministing]

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