Shattering Our Expectations: An Ode To OPI’s Shatter Nail Polish

OPI’s recently released “Shatter” nail polishes are the new black in the world of manicures. Our initial encounter with them was less than moving. At first we thought, Won’t it just look like my polish is peeling off? But the salesperson explained that applying Shatter over two coats of regular nail polish would give a crackling effect you can see in seconds. Our next thought: You mean every nail is different? Too OCD for that!

Shatter, obviously trying to win us over, began to show up everywhere. Unable to ignore it any longer, we tried it and the crackly manicure grew on us. Now we love the Shattercure. And apparently we’re not the only ones, because it’s sold out everywhere.Out of the seven shades available, we’ve tried the black, turquoise, white, red and navy. If you’re tired of polishes that are destroyed after a few days, Shatter is perfect because it actually looks better when it begins to chip. Plus, it makes DIY manicures easy—you can’t really mess it up. And as for every nail looking different, we’ve began to appreciate the custom feel it gives.

Not convinced? Go to OPI’s website and you can virtually “try on” all seven colors of the Shatter rainbow. Awesome.

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