11 Of The “Baddest” Teachers On Film

bad teachers cameron diaz jpg
As I may have mentioned before, I was once a high school teacher. I wouldn’t call myself a bad teacher, per se, but I had my moments. I may have taken secret smoke breaks, snuck off campus several times a day for a coffee fix, and occasionally worn my sunglasses in the classroom after a long night of partying. But my students were none the worse for it. I needed these vices to deal with the stress of the job since teaching ain’t easy. But my behavior was angelic compared to Mrs. Halsey, Cameron Diaz’s character in her new film, “Bad Teacher,” which opens today. Mrs. H. drinks booze and does drugs in the classroom … in front of her students. For shame! If it weren’t a comedy, she would be dismissed immediately. Ahhh, the magic of the movies.

Click through to see some more of the “baddest” teachers in film history.

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