Today’s Lady News: What Happens At Bachelor Parties

  • When my ex was invited to a bachelor party weekend in Montreal, where the strip clubs are apparently insane, he wanted nothing to do with it. I would not have cared if he got a lap dance, I think. But Marie Claire now wants to freak us the eff out by telling us how many guys have sex with prostitutes during bachelor party festivities. Gee, thanks, Marie Claire! Check out some horrifying quotes, like the one that follows. “I assumed strippers would paw me, then I’d go home and have sex with my wife,” said one dude. “But after the stripper got me excited she said ‘For $100, I’ll finish you off.’ It was like Zeus reaching down from heaven. When a girl is literally unzipping your pants, men can’t say no. We’re not built that way.” [Marie Claire]
  • Target released an “It Gets Better” video. Does that make up for the fact the company donated campaign money to an anti-gay candidate? [Queerty]
  • Rapper 50 Cent knocked singer/actress Jill Scott’s weight on Twitter. [Essence]

  • The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists has (finally) formally endorsed IUDs as safe birth control for adult women and teens. You can read one Frisky contributor’s story about her IUD here. [USA Today]
  • Oh no, let’s not rehash the debate about whether drag queens are misogynist and transphobic again. [Queerty]
  • Meet the bravest woman in Seattle. [The Stranger]


  • Four Syrian men are vowing to marry four female victims of rape in hopes it will prevent them from “honor killings” by their family. [Foreign Policy]