Today In Royal News: Nicknaming And Farting!

Since the royal couple have announced their engagement, we have been inundated with news of their every breath and kept abreast of their general goings on. There’s so much royal news that it’s difficult to take it all in. Usually I glaze over it. Kate styles herself? Pippa has a nice bum? I can get veneers with Willy and Kate’s face? Who cares. Today, however, I came across two truly noteworthy royal news items. Check them out after the jump.

  • All the ‘bloids are abuzz over Pippa and Harry’s secret romance. The secret is … shhhhhh … they’re not dating! Yet, people continue to speculate. This just in: they have nicknames for each other! Since they have both gone through recent breakups, they are leaning on each other for moral support and in the process have grown so fond of each other that they now use nicknames. Pippa calls Harry “Captain,” which is his military rank and Harry calls Pippa “Commando” in reference to the rumor that she went sans panties at the royal wedding. How naughty! They must be dating! [Daily Mail UK]
  • Jonah Hill tweeted the important question on everyone’s mind: has Kate accidentally farted in front of Willy yet and if so, how did he react? I know this very question has been weighing heavily on my mind. I really hope the royal couple releases a press statement when the first accidental fart occurs. Although, considering the couple has known each other for 10 years, I’m guessing that moment has long since passed. Now we’ll never know about their intimate farting moments. Bummer. [Jezebel]

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