Sarah Palin Is A Poet And Didn’t Know It

The 24,000 emails that Sarah Palin sent and received while she was governor of Alaska didn’t turn out to be filled with salacious and incriminating tidbits, like many reporters had hoped. But as editor Michael Solomon discovered, they were full of beautiful verse. And thus, Michael has put together a collection of 50 Palin poems in the volume Hope Like Heck: The Selected Poems of Sarah Palin.

After the jump, two lovely selections. But I’m Not Bitter
The sunshine is perfect—
Too bad we’ll be looking at it
Through conference windows
This afternoon.

What a crock.

We’ve hosted so many groups,

classrooms, teams, etc.

In the mansion and/or

The Juneau office

And no one has said


About it.

Yep, I am actually going to be buying this book.

[The Daily Beast]

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