Reggie Bush’s New Girlfriend Is A Kim Kardashian Look-A-Like

Having a type is one thing. I mean, there are a zillion celebs out there whose new beaus physically resemble their exes. But Reggie Bush has taken things to the next level. As Kim Kardashian plans her televised wedding to Kris Humphries, Reggie has a new lady of his own—model Melissa Molinaro. And she doesn’t just resemble Kim. She is that girl from the Old Navy commercial who impersonated Kim and did such a good job that many people actually thought it was her.

Seriously, she’s a dead ringer. The actress who will be starring in “Honey 2″ has the same curvy body, the same long, angular face with highly arched eyebrows and the same dark, lush hair. When her Old Navy commercial came out and people noticed the similarities, Melissa even said, “To me, it’s extremely flattering. [Kim] is a beautiful woman. That’s an amazing compliment.”

While Reggie and Melissa are nowhere near engagement, they have been spotted together a lot recently … in London, at church. Reggie even throw her a birthday party this week.

What do you think—is it strange to date someone who looks so much like your ex?

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