New Anti-Abortion Movie “Gates Of Hell” Glorifies Killing Abortion Doctors

One of the more cuckoo claims of anti-abortion extremists is that abortion is all about “black genocide.” You know, Americans want abortion legal mostly so we can cut down on the black population or something. That is the flawless logic behind these, these and these billboards targeted at black people in urban hubs like New York City and Atlanta. The latest WTF-ery is a new movie called “Gates Of Hell” about … wait for it … black men who hunt down abortion providers as “payback” for the “genocide.” Jezebel quotes Right Wing Watch, which notes the film “is styled as a documentary from 2016 about how in 2014, a Black terrorist group called ‘Zulu 9′ and its members … attack abortion clinics and murder abortion doctors.” The executive producer Molotov Mitchell said the freaky flick “casts a cinematic vision of what a post-abortion America could look like.” Because, you know, if abortion is made illegal no woman will ever have one again. History has proven it so!

I am not going to dignify this craziness with a response; I am only going to lament the mentally ill people out there who will watch “Gates Of Hell,” pick up their gun, and murder an abortion provider like Dr. Tiller again. [Jezebel]