“Mad Men”‘s Kiernan Shipka Makes Her Own Clothes

So, aside from getting to play future-lesbian (we think, anyway) daughter Sally Draper on “Mad Men,” the extremely articulate and thoughtful Kiernan Shipka has a couple other tricks up her sleeve. The 11-year-old actress mostly dresses in vintage-y frocks from Portuguese designer Papo d’Anjo, but she also designs and wears her own bespoke creations, inspired by the swinging ’60s. Her wardrobe approach puts my Virgo perfectionism to shame. “I love organization, so I split my clothes into two closets according to seasons. Though I have to go to the guestroom to pull my fall and winter items, it’s still much easier than cramming all my clothes together in my one closet. I love ‘space’ in between hanging clothes.” Whoa, Kiernan, you’re kind of making me salivate with your intense organizational stylings. And check out her can’t-live-without list: “My dogs, Cole Haan boots, Mason Pearson hairbrush, headbands, and computer!” Cole Haan boots! We can’t even afford those. Check out Kiernan in the adorable blue-and-white checked dress she made above. [The Coveteur]