Did Rihanna Tweet That She “Provoked” Chris Brown? Or Was She Hacked?

Please tell me this is a Twitter hack: Popdust reports that this morning, Rihanna tweeted “I admit it, I provoked Chris to hit me. I’t was not entirely his fault. #ImSORRY.” Huh? I don’t actually believe RiRi would tweet that comment, but the ex-couple is apparently corresponding again over Twitter. They mutually “follow” each other and earlier this week, Chris Brown may have accidentally tweeted when he meant to direct message her, “You got that pic I sent you?” Unless of course that was a hack, too. But why would a hacker go to the trouble of making it look like they’re rekindling their romance? RiRi’s camp has not responded.

The “I provoked Chris to hit me” has since been deleted from Rihanna’s Twitter feed. And hopefully any notion of reconnecting with that abusive a**hole has also been deleted from her brain.

[Bossip Twitter]