Tennis Is Not A Beauty Contest, Wimbledon

For shame, Wimbledon: the tennis tournament’s website is asking fans to vote on its most attractive players. Yesterday, the vote was about “best-looking” male players (Roger Federer won) and today the vote is about “best-looking” women players. The vote isn’t even about something that involves a little bit of skill or personality, like the best on court-style: it’s just a straight up beauty contest hosted on the tournament’s web site.
The fact both genders get the hot-or-not treatment doesn’t make this okay, because all these athletes should be recognized for their skill, hard work and determination, not their looks. I would be hella pissed if something I’d worked my whole life to achieve became a beauty contest … for what? Publicity? “Controversy”? FAIL, Wimbledon, FAIL.[Wimbledon]