Down With Martini Glasses!

I love martinis—stirred, not shaken—with olives, please! Something about the drink is so tangy and, boy, does it do the trick fast. But as much as I enjoy martinis, I almost never order them. Why? Because I have a vendetta against martini glasses. I mean, glasses are supposed to contain liquid, right? So why has one been designed with angled sides that allows for maximum sloshing with the simplest of movements? Whenever I have a martini glass in my hand, I end up cupping the cone in my palm and hanging on for dear life. Sometimes, I swear I don’t absorb the conversations I’m having because I’m so focused on not spilling. And usually, I do anyway.

So I am kind of pleased to hear that Kanye West might have the same aversion.Over the weekend, Kanye was seen ordering a drink at Niko restaurant in New York. But when the drink came in a martini glass, he took one look at it and sent it back, asking for the bev in a different receptacle. Could he be martini glass phobic, too?

And what about you? Am I alone here?

[NY Post]

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