Britney Spears Says Eff You To The Press In New Video

Britney Spears must have gotten the memo that we were disappointed with the video for “Hold It Against Me,” because she’s really brought it with her new one, “I Wanna Go.” It starts out with an imagined press conference. “Can you confirm that you are pregnant with Brad Pitt’s love child?” a reporter asks. “That is false,” says Britney. “It’s quintuplets.” “Does this suit like me look fat?” asks another.

“Yes it does,” responds Brit.

“Is it true you hate puppies?” asks a third.

“F**k you, f**k you, f**k you, you’re cool,” says Britney, pointing to assorted reporters. “I’m out.”

From there, Britney rocks Avril Lavigne-style pink streaks in her hair and a Mickey Mouse logo on her cut-up shirt. She also flashes a kid, busts up a paparazzo’s camera, and turns him into a radioactive robot monster by beating him up with a microphone. Fun!


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