5 Reasons We Love Cat Deeley

The hosts of reality competition shows are kind of like commercial breaks—necessary evils that you must endure in order to get your tele-fix. I tend to tune them out, their voices becoming like the “wah-wahs” of Charlie Brown’s teacher in “Peanuts.” Reality TV hosts are usually like an extension of the set—only there for decoration and functionality. Until now, there has never been a host I’ve given a crap about. But Cat Deeley, the model-esque host of “So You Think You Can Dance,” is not just a host. She’s a reason to watch the show. She actually adds entertainment value each week. I know, what a concept.

After the jump some reasons why Cat is the cat’s pajamas. Other reality hosts, please take note.

  1. Her style. Damn that woman knows how to dress. You gotta love a gal who knows how to work sequins without looking like a Vegas show girl. I tune in every week just to see what sparkly, wonderful getup she’ll be wearing.
  2. Her accent. Next time you watch, listen to the way she says “judges” aka “jidges.” Charming.
  3. Her affection for the contestants. Have you noticed how she has a nickname for all of the contestants? Love it! After each performance she’ll say something like, “Here comes my little Warrior Princess” or “Another great performance from our pair of clowns.” She’s also been known to get very emotional when one of her favorite contestants is eliminated. Awww.
  4. Her impressions. Cat loves to imitate Mary Murphy. Every time Mary says something batcrakers (which is most of the time she opens her mouth), Cat highlights it by imitating it in her best American accent. Well played, Cat.
  5. Her authenticity. Cat’s best quality is how real she is. Unlike other hosts, who may as well be walking talking pieces of cardboard, Cat responds like a real live human. You can tell when she really likes a performance or when she thought it was s**t. Yes! That’s what we want—not someone who is regurgitating a script like a robot.

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