The Good, The Bad & The WTF: Last Night’s Episode Of “The Bachelorette”

Last night on “The Bachelorette,” Ashley Hebert headed to Chiang Mai, Thailand, to whittle her cadre of men down from 11. Thanks to some Muay Thai boxing, a surprise elimination and some Ashley freak outs, it was a pretty darn entertaining episode. After the jump—the good, the bad, and the head-scratching moments.
The Good:

  • The guys losing their shirts on the group date. When the dudes were learning the Muay Thai boxing moves, I thought I might pass out from overexposure to ripped abs. And when my two favorites, Mickey and JP, hopped in the ring together … sigh. It was very, very yummy. And I’m glad there was no blood.
  • Ashley finally sending William home. William has creeped me out since he first stepped out of the limo. He showed his true colors a few episodes back when he over-roasted Ashley—you know, since this was his big break to be a comedian. (Please!) I thought for a minute that Ashley was going to keep him around, even after his grossness on this week’s 2-on-1 (see below). Luckily, Ashley showed that she does indeed have a backbone and sent him home. Woo hoo!

The Bad:

  • Ames on the Muay Thai fighting date. It was so sad to see pacifist Ames awkwardly learn how to throw punches and kicks. And really, did they have to leave him the pink outfit to fight in? And match him up in the ring with crazy Ryan, who of course pummeled him and gave him a concussion? But the worst was that shot of him being wheeled into the hospital. You could totally see up his shorts. So wrong.
  • William selling out Ben C. When William found out he was going on the 2-on-1, he said, “It’s the Thunderdome date. Two men enter, one man leaves.” His solution? Telling Ashley that Ben C. talked about online dating. Ashley then promptly proved that she is the most manipulatable Bachelorette ever and immediately sent Ben home. Isn’t it traditional to ask him what’s up first?
  • Ashley’s Bentley freak out. “I miss Bentley and what could have been,” Ashley told Chris Harrison after having a panic attack at the rose ceremony. Seriously, why is Chris promising to see what he can do to get Bentley back rather than sharing some of his interview footage with Ashley? She should know the dude she’s pining over is a sociopath.

The WTF:

  • Ashley and Ben F.’s “mental kiss.” Wait, did Ashley and Ben F. really just paint Thai umbrellas for their date? Their 1-on-1 got more strange from there. Since they couldn’t actually smooch outside a Buddhist temple, Ashley said, “Let’s have a mental kiss.” They then looked at each other, closed their eyes, and made out in their heads. “That was real good,” Ben said.
  • Ashley asking Lucas for golf lessons. Even though they were nowhere near a golf course and didn’t have clubs, Ashley asked Lucas to show her a proper golf stance. “I’m not gonna lie, that was turning me on,” she said. Uh, what?
  • Ashley throwing a rose in the fire. After deciding to give it to neither of the guys, Ashley dramatically burned the rose while the same sound bite editors used after the Bentley disaster looped: “How is this going to work for me now?” Oh, the drama.

What did you think of last night’s episode?