5 Things To Know About Mel Gibson’s New Girlfriend, Stella Mouzi

I’m depressed. Last night, I was talking to a guy friend who is adorbs, so smart, and super sweet about how he hasn’t had any luck with the ladies, oh, in the past year. And yet, jerkface Mel Gibson—who was caught on tape unleashing several spine-chilling tirades at his last girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva and is accused of physically assaulting her—has a new girlfriend already. Mel is apparently dating Stella Mouzi. Hopefully, she can run fast.

So who is this woman? After the jump, some things to know about Stella.

  1. Stella works as a fetish model and most of the photos that exist of her show her in latex and spikes. Before being linked to Mel, Stella’s big claim to fame was getting touchy feely with fellow model Goddess Sativa at the LA Fetish Film Awards.
  2. Mel certainly likes to import his women. While Oksana was from Russia, Stella hails from Greece. She is here in the US on a visitor’s visa. Meaning, she and Mel would have to get married if she wants to stay.
  3. Stella is less than half of Mel’s age—he is 55 while she is 25. At least Oksana was age appropriate.
  4. According to Stella’s Facebook page, she studied photography in college and even got an exhibition after graduating. She wrote in her info section, “In order to study, i worked as a dancer/performer for several night clubs in athens the past years. I like fashion and the way I dress myself, the style of my dancing even my arts are influenced by the music i listen to.” Could have guessed that.
  5. Stella has been spotted with Mel several times over the course of the past month—first leaving dinner with him, then last week at his side at Skybar in Los Angeles, and finally at his house for a barbecue this weekend.

Mel has said that his tirades against Oksana were taken out of context. “It was one terribly, awful moment in time, said to one person, in the span of one day and doesn’t represent what I truly believe or how I’ve treated people my entire life,” he said. I guess Stella is comforted by that. But I dunno—I think Mel should be single forever.

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