How Bristol Palin Gave Her V-Card To Levi Johnston

Bristol Palin lost her virginity to Levi Johnston drunk on wine coolers, according to her new memoir. The pro-abstinence advocate first slept with the Playgirl model in a tent while camping at Point MacKenzie in 2006, at age 15 — and she doesn’t remember it.“Levi wasn’t even there to help me process — or even confirm my greatly feared suspicions,” Palin wrote in Not Afraid of Life: My Journey So Far, although it’s unclear what those suspicions were. “Instead of waking up in his arms, I awakened in a cold tent alone.” She claims the pair always wore condoms, although her baby daddy has told Tyra Banks to the contrary. Palin later writes that Johnston was the opposite of thrilled to hear she was pregnant and snapped, “Better be a f**king boy.” Lovely.

I know I’m supposed to make some joke here like “Haha, don’t be embarrassed, Bristol, because I lost my virginity listening to the Dave Matthews Band,” but I truly think this information is sad. Bristol Palin was only 15? And drunk? And not likely using birth control properly because Americans aren’t into that whole “sex education” thing? That’s disturbing, not funny. [NY Post]