Do You Want To Know When Your Friends Run Into Your Ex?

This weekend, I received a text from my good friend Cara, letting me know she’d run into my ex-boyfriend out front of a local bar. (The ex that broke up with me over IM and then moved four blocks away, because he’s a really cool guy.) Apparently the first thing he said to my friend was, “Julie hates me,” which I took as a half-hearted attempt to elicit sympathy and pity, and reassurance from Cara that I didn’t (no, no, I do.). Thankfully, she didn’t buy his act, and told him that, well, yes, he probably could have handled our breakup better (see aforementioned breakup-over-IM for reference). But did I really want to know my lady friend had run into my dumb ex?

Well…On the one hand, there I was at the beach, catching rays, collecting more freckles, illegally drinking Tecate with orange juice (beermosa, try it!). I was having a great day! I did not want to think about my crappy ex. But on the other hand, my friend had stood up for me, and it would have probably been weirder if she hadn’t told me she’d seen him, right? In her words, “I wasn’t sure if you would even want to know, but I thought I would.” And that was the guiding principle in her decision to share the sighting. I thanked her for it, and for trying to set him right.

But what do you prefer? Would you rather never know if your friends and your exes meet, or do you need to hear all the gory details?