The Vancouver Riots Makeout Couple Revealed

Don’t riots and violence just make you feel so passionate? No? Me neither, which is why I would love to know if there was alcohol involved when these people laid down in the street and kissed while Stanley Cup hooligans tore up the city of Vancouver all around them. (I am going to go with “probably” on that one.) Most media outlets speculated for days that the Vancouver riots makeout couple was a hoax somehow. But Toronto’s Globe & Mail got on the case and identified these two crazy kids: Scott Jones and Alex Thomas. Scott Jones, 29, is an Australian stand-up comedian/bartender and Alex Thomas is his Canadian girlfriend and a former university student at the University of Guelph in Ontario. Megan Jones, Scott’s mom, said that after the hockey game, Alex got caught up in the riot and knocked down by a police shield. Instead of pulling her up back on her feet, Jones got on the ground and pulled her into an embrace when they were snapped mid-snuggle by photographer Rich Lam for Getty Images. And now they’re fielding calls from every media outlet in the world.

Jones’ mama was typically Australian and laid-back about her son’s newfound fame. “Scott only told me a month or so ago that when he was due to come home in a few months that he was bringing home the best souvenir from Canada ever — he was going to bring home Alex. So that’s pretty exciting,” she told the Globe & Mail. “And he said if we all behave, we might get to meet her. It looks like it’s not us that’s doing the misbehaving, though.” Aww, someone get these kids a reality show already!

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