A Few Of My Favorite Things: Jessica Quirk Of “What I Wore”

Jessica Quirk writes the style blog What I Wore from the comforts of her home in Bloomington, Indiana. What I Wore covers all things Quirk: “I love incorporating vintage finds with investment pieces and bargain buys,” she says. “I love the letter ‘Q’, blunt bangs, sunglasses and colored tights.” Check her — and her favorite things — out after the jump!

Jessica Qurik’s Favorite Things

Vinyl: Specifically Brothers by The Black Keys, Abbey Road by the Beatles, and Sigh No More by Mumford and Sons. I never listened to records until I started dating my husband and now we make weekly trips to the music store.
Bloomington, IN: After 5.5 years in NYC, my beau and I moved back to our home state of Indiana and we love it! It’s a cultured college town in the middle of the Midwest, close to our families and with so much to do!
Scrabble: I’m likely to include a Scrabble board and dictionary on things I’d bring with me to a desert island. I just can’t get enough! All time high play: EMERALDS on a triple letter for 97 points!
Breton Stripes: I’ve been wearing my favorite Breton striped tee for five years, but that doesn’t stop me from adding to my collection! I just picked up a real deal St. James version and cannot wait to put it into rotation.
Country Drives: Especially on sunny Sunday afternoons. Wide open spaces, windows down, great tunes, and my husband.