Could Bethenny Frankel Be The New Oprah?

Oprah has been gone for three weeks now, and there is a serious void in the daytime television universe. Who will step forward to give us life advice and book recommendations, and just generally take on the mission of keeping us sane? Perhaps … Bethenny Frankel? According to The Hollywood Reporter, Bethenny is filming a talk show pilot as we speak. And she’s working on it with heavy hitters—Telepictures, the company behind “The Tyra Banks Show” and “Ellen.” Ms. DeGeneres herself even has a hand in creating the series.

So, could Bethenny be the next Oprah? I would like to go out on a limb and say, yes, absolutely. I adore Bethenny and have since the first time she appeared on “The Real Housewives of New York City.” I love that she says what comes to mind, without a filter. She is hilarious and quick-witted, always swooping in to make a good joke, pun, or analogy. But even though she is much louder and brasher than Oprah, I actually think she brings a similar energy. She is real and vulnerable. We saw her in an unfulfilling relationship on the first season of “RHNYC” and I applauded her for being so open during her quest to find love. I also think she did a brave thing by opening up her new relationship with Jason Hoppy and letting cameras capture her pregnancy and wedding on “Bethenny Getting Married,” to show that it is not all flowers and rainbows. She’s also been extraordinarily open about her strained relationship with her parents and having a child that wasn’t so carefree.

I feel like Bethenny could talk to a lot of types of women, just like Oprah was able to. Bethenny is not only a new mom, she’s a businesswoman who founded an empire on Skinnygirl Margaritas. (Reports say she recently made $120 million on the sale of the brand.) She’s both the domestic diva and the career girl, rolled into one.

What do you think of the possibility of Bethenny getting her own TV show? I think she could rock it.