Strippers, Guns & Booty Shaking: Behold, The Most Offensive Political Ad Ever

Strippers, guns, rap music, booty shaking, gangstas … why, it’s the most offensive, sexist, racist political ad you’ve ever seen. This NSFW commercial called “Hahn’s Homeboyz” begins to criticize Janice Hahn, a Los Angeles City Councilwoman running for a Democratic Congressional seat, for her proposal to use “taxpayer money” to hire former gang members in prison “so they could rape and kill again!” I mean, so they could teach current gang members how to quit the life. Which, uh, actually doesn’t sound like a bad idea, when you think about it.

But no matter. There’s race-baiting to be had. After a mere four seconds of having an actual point, “Hahn’s Homeboyz” devolves into a s**tshow where a white woman with a mask of Hahn’s face twirls around a stripper pole, while black men — “homies” — wave guns in the air like muhajadeen, pull dollar bills out of some chick’s badonkadonk and rap “give us your cash, bitch!”

I’m so confused as to why the makers of the video, a conservative group called Turn Right USA which swears it’s not in any way affiliated with Hahn’s Tea Party-backed opponent, thought that when they had to appeal to voters baser instincts, they had to go this low. Don’t expect any enlightenment, however. Said the ad’s filmmaker, Ladd Ehlinger, Jr., in a statement: “Suck it! The ad’s funny. It makes me laugh.”

At least Democrats are able to raise money off of it. So, um, thank you?

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