Juror Faces Jail Time For Friend Requesting Defendant

Things not to do if you are a juror in a high profile case: friend request the defendant on Facebook. That’s exactly what British woman Joanne Fraill did and the action may just land her in jail for being in contempt of court. Fraill was a juror in a drug case with four defendants. After one of them was acquitted—a 34-year-old woman named Jamie Sewart—Fraill found her on Facebook and struck up a conversation. Apparently, she felt for Sewart.“You should know me, I’ve cried with you enough,” Fraill wrote. The two started talking often with Sewart eventually asking, “What’s happening with the other charge?” Fraill responded, “Cant get anywaone to go either no one budging pleeeeee.” (Spelling and, uh, grammar are her own, BTW.)

When Sewart told her lawyer about the conversations, the trial was stopped. As this was the third trial in this particular case, a fourth will be needed—costing about $10 million in total. Egads.

[Telegraph UK]

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