Jennifer Aniston’s New BF, Justin Theroux, Forgot To Break Up With His GF First

Remember when Angelina Jolie finally responded to the rumors that she and Brad Pitt had an affair while he was still married to Jennifer Aniston by saying she would never do such a thing to another woman because she saw her dad do it to her mom? That is one of the oldest and best excuses in the book — “That terrible thing happened to me or someone I love and I would never do that terrible thing to someone else!” — and tends to be pretty believable except when it’s not because, really, you never know what you might do when presented with a tempting but amoral conundrum. (Also, whether Brad and Angelina had a physical affair or not, an emotional affair clearly occurred and is that any better? Legalese!) For example, I think people have long assumed that because Aniston was so screwed over by Brad and Angelina (and you know she believes they were cheating despite their denials), she would never “steal” a man from another woman. (Not that I think people can be stolen without consent, but you know what I mean.) Such thinking may, again, be wrong! As we’ve already told you, Aniston has been hobnobbing around Hollywood with Justin Theroux, her co-star in the upcoming film “Wanderlust.” Up until recently, Theroux was in 14-year relationship with Heidi Bivens and initially it appeared that while their spit was recent, it was before he took up with Aniston. However, according to Bivens’ rep, she and Theroux were still together when the Aniston rumors started and that she just moved out of their house together two weeks ago when, we can assume, she found out he and Aniston were more than friends. Her rep told Page Six that Bivens has no comment — besides making it abundantly clear that she and Theroux had not broken up before he started dating Aniston.

So, now the gossip blogs and tabloids are screaming “homewrecker!” from the rooftops. I am not going to jump on that train because A) I don’t know what is true, B) it’s not really my business even though it is my business to write about it, C) I think it takes the participation of someone inside the house for a home to be wrecked. It’s their house so they are more liable for its destruction, right?

But! This whole rumor brings up a much more interesting topic of debate for the average Frisky reader: have you ever had something karmically crappy happen to you that you then inflicted upon someone else? Have you ever resisted the urge to do something amoral or unkind because it had been done to you? Have you ever wished the same fate upon someone who screwed you over?

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