Do You Save For Big Items Or Blow Your Cash On Tons Of Tinier Things?

I shop like it’s my job (maybe it kind of is?) and this weekend I found myself at two very different shopportunities (I’m the worst). On Friday, some friends and I hit up the Opening Ceremony sample sale, which promised a warehouse full of designer items for up to 90 percent off. This meant that items that were usually prohibitively, outrageously expensive, would now be only annoyingly expensive and/or almost reasonable (virtually nothing sold at Opening Ceremony is ever affordable in the slightest). My roommate scored, on my insistence, a slightly damaged Alexandre Herchcovitch dress for $200 (she’s enviously tall and I weep for that dress), and my other friend bought a scarf. I went nuts when I found not only an insane Rosa Cha goth-ycakes blazer (totally not necessary), but also a gorge Charles Anastase safari trench coat (pictured). The only problem? The trench coat cost $400. Did I buy it? Yes. I. Did. And here’s why. I will drop a boatload of cash money on something like a Charles Anastase trench because it’s well-made, one-of-a-kind and a garment that can be worn a wholllllllllllle lot. Like, every day in the spring and fall. Plus, it fit me perfectly, and required no alternations. But hey, listen, I have other friends with a completely different philosophy toward shopping. The “more is a helluva lot more merrier” types.

Those friends were with me on Sunday, as I ventured into the hell that is the H&M on Broadway in Soho. For some, dropping $400 on one garment seems insane, but blowing $200 at H&M in an hour is perfectly reasonable. After all, you could walk out of H&M with like, the whole store on $200! Only problem is, those garments probably aren’t going to last you all that long, and they’ll probably be out of trend in a few months. That’s not necessarily a huge problem, though, if you’re only spending $12.95 on a shirt in the first place.

So what kind of shopper are you? Big ticket timeless items, or small-priced trendy pieces? Tell us in the comments!