Reading Sarah Palin’s Email: The 8 Best Nuggets

Oh, and you think your emails are private? On Friday, the state of Alaska released more than 24,000 emails sent and received by Sarah Palin while she was governor. Which means that many a journalist spent their weekend sifting through every word. So what did they find? The highlights after the jump.

  1. Three weeks before joining John McCain’s campaign, Palin wrote an email praising a “great speech” Barack Obama gave. “We need to take advantage of this a[nd] write a statement saying he’s right on,” she typed. Around the same time, she expressed ambivalence about attending the Republication National Convention. She wanted to “keep the trip short” because “we need to remember the GOP, for the most part… especially the AK machine… has not had any support or assistance provided our administration so our time and efforts will continue to be spent on serving Alaskans, not party politics.” [The Daily Beast]
  2. Remember those whispers that Palin had installed a tanning bed at the Governor’s mansion? Apparently, it’s true. One email shows her corresponding about where exactly to install it. [The Atlantic Wire]
  3. Palin denied rumors circulating around her office that Bristol was preggers. She called Alaska state senate president Lyda Green “pretty pathetic” for saying it. “Flippin’ Unbelievable. Wouldn’t you think they’d be afraid of being proved wrong when they rumor around the building like that?…hopefully it’ll be another reason why reporters and the public can’t trust that odd group of strange people.” When she heard the rumor that Trig was actually Bristol’s, Sarah wrote, “Sounds like The Bristol rumor was started and continues via Lyda’s office … Bristol does want it squashed — we just don’t know how to do so without making it a bigger issue.” [The Daily Beast]
  4. In 2008, Palin received a poem called “The Indian With One Testicle.” She wisely chose not to forward it on. [BuzzFeed]
  5. Also in 2008, Palin wrote that “climate change is the top issue for our state.” She’d of course go on to call global warming “junk science.” [The Daily Beast]
  6. Palin was apparently angling to meet John McCain months before he picked her as his running mate. “Is it possible to get hooked up (maybe by Nick Ayers?) with someone from the McCain campaign?” she asked an aide. But still, she was genuinely surprised to be picked as his vice presidential candidate. “Can you believe it!” she wrote. [Yahoo News]
  7. Sarah and Todd were apparently very excited about meeting an Elvis impersonator. They snapped a photo with him and Sarah emailed it around. [The Atlantic Wire]
  8. According to writing analysts, Palin’s correspondence was conducted at an 8th grade reading level. Why? It’s not that her ideas aren’t clear—it’s that she has a lot of typos. For example, “I am a hunter. I grew up hunting — some of my best memories growing up are of hunting with my dad to help feel [sic] our freezer.” [AOL Weird News]

Overall, while there are some interesting tidbits in the emails, there’s clearly not the “she can’t be president” smoking gun reporters were probably hoping to find. But what do you think—does anything here shock you? Or are you, like me, thinking, “This is the best we got out of 24,000 emails?”

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