Department Of WTF: A Mother/Daughter Womb Transplant

Here’s some exceptionally weird science for you. Sara Ottosson, 25, was born without a uterus and is taking part in what could be the world’s first womb transplant. The donor? Her mom—Eva Otosson, 56, a businesswoman who runs a lighting corporation in the UK. “[Sara] needs the womb and if I’m the best donor for her … well, go on,” explains Eva. “She needs it more than me. I’ve had two daughters so it’s served me well.”

If this all works, Sara could carry a baby in the very same womb she herself gestated in. “I haven’t really thought about that,” said Sara. “I’m a biology teacher and it’s just an organ like any other organ. But my mum did ask me about this. She said, ‘Isn’t it weird?’ And my answer is no. I’m more worried that my mum is going to have a big operation.”

Here’s hoping the surgery goes well next spring. While it’s not the first time this surgery has been attempted—doctors tried it in Saudia Arabia in 2000—it could be the first time the surgery is successful. Who knows what implications it could hold for the future.


Photo: iStockphoto/Thinkstock

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