Anthony Weiner Checks Into Sex Rehab

Just a few days after the world got a peek at Anthony Weiner’s wiener, his spokesperson made a big announcement—Weiner is taking a leave of absence from his post on Capitol Hill to “seek professional treatment to focus on becoming a better husband and healthier person.” In other words, like sex scandalites Jesse James and Tiger Woods before him—who I should point out, had actual sex a lot in the scandals that cost them their wives and reputations—Anthony is checking into sex rehab. Here’s hoping Weiner gets some good therapy and learns what he was seeking in sending out sexy emails to six different women despite being married.

But at the same time, the newest Weiner pic to surface might be the most damaging. Yeah, even more damaging than his peen shot. This new image of Weiner shows him in a towel in a gym locker room. To be specific, it was taken in the House of Representatives gym. (Terrible mental image: Nancy Pelosi on a treadmill while John Boehner does tricep dips on a bench nearby.) Weiner’s opponents could use this new image as proof that he violated the House Code of Official Conduct. Experts predict that this image, and the alleged phone call he made to Lisa Weiss using a Congressional phone, are likely to be the focus of Weiner’s ethics investigation.

What do you think—is Weiner sincere in seeking professional help? And is this photo any worse than the others because of where it was taken?

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