Ask The Man Panel: Diane Von Furstenberg’s Purple People Eaters

These Diane von Furstenburg pants are really, really high-rise. And also really, really purple. Are they the definition of man repellent? Well…Ryan, 32: Oh cool, Grimace has his own line now?

Dr. Rob, 33: Efficiency pants cover up boobs AND cankles.

Mike, 32: One of the Doobie Brothers is like “Who stole my pants!?” Diane did, baby. You’re welcome.

Adil, 25: Lil’ too Austin Powers. Would not shag.

Jeff, 33: Um, what species of creature is the model in this photo? If this were any more high-waisted it would be a turtleneck.

Dylan, 28: Going on a date with Prince can be pretty intimidating, but it helps if you dress the part. This is what happens when doves cry.

Jeffery, 30: I can’t imagine people ever in my normal life wearing these. I really tried to think of an occasion for these pants and I came up with “The Lion King” movie premiere. Not sure how close I am to the truth.

Justin, 32: Remember Dumb Donald from “Fat Albert”? The dude with the hat over his eyes? This is his wife.

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