12 Celebs In Stunts-Gone-Wrong

stunt anne hathaway jpg
Don’t mess with Catwoman. The word on the street is that Anne Hathaway, who plays the feline bad girl in “The Dark Knight,” left a stuntman with a major shiner while filming a fight scene. The two were choreographed tussling when Anne hit him with the butt of a prop gun. Apparently, she did this with a lot of force, giving him a black eye. “Anne was mortified,” a source said. “It was all in good humor, but the poor guy took quite a pummeling.” Anne apparently apologized by giving him a pen with an engraving that read, “Remember no one packs a punch like Anne.” Which, I dunno—doesn’t sound like the kind of thing a mortified girl would do? [People]

Of course, Anne isn’t the first time a star has been involved in a stunt-gone-wrong. And many weren’t as lucky as Anne, who inflicted the wound instead of received it. After the jump, stars who’ve been injured doing stunts.

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