Today’s Lady News: Alabama To Ban Abortion After 20 Weeks

  • Alabama’s state House and Senate have approved a bill to ban abortion after the 20th week of pregnancy, except in cases of risk of death or physical harm to the mother. [Reuters]
  • Nassau County in Long Island, New York, has offered $7 million to female police officers who filed a gender discrimination lawsuit because they were paid less than male officers for the same job. [Reuters]
  • Journalists are pouring over 13,000 of Sarah Palin’s gubernatorial emails released by the state of Alaska today. The Frisky will keep you posted on anything juicy they dig up. [Washington Post]

  • Archeologists in the Czech Republic have unearthed a 5,000-year-old gay or transvestite “caveman” — i.e., a man’s body which was given burial rites like a woman. The man was buried lying on the side of his body that women are laid to rest on and was given an egg-shaped pot, also like women. Other men from the time period of this “caveman” were buried with knives and hammers. Archeologists theorize he may have been buried that way because he was effeminate or homosexual. [Mother Nature Network]
  • Good ol’ Rush Limbaugh is apoplectic that an aide to the former UK Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher — a grand dame of conservativism akin to Ronald Reagan in the U.S. — said she would not be meeting with Sarah Palin during a visit because Palin is “nuts.” [Guardian UK]
  • Kulsoom Abdullah, a 35-year-old Muslim weightlifter in Georgia, is fighting to compete in lifting competitions while wearing a hijab. Girlfriend can lift 132 lbs. over her head. [Yahoo]
  • “Glee”‘s Jane Lynch, an out lesbian, opens up in her new memoir about internalized homophobia. [After Ellen]
  • Gospel singer Mahalia Jackson is getting her own biopic, starring “American Idol”‘s Fantasia Barrino. [Indie Wire]
  • A very brave woman strolled around New York City yesterday topless. I don’t understand why she was issued a ticket, though. I thought that was technically legal? [Village Voice]
  • Only three out of 26 comedians performing at Bonnaroo are women. Lame. [Splitsider via Feministing]
  • Are lesbian moms less threatening in pop culture than gay dads? [After Ellen]
  • Clara Luper, a civil rights activist who organized a historic drug store sit-in that integrated Katz Drug Stores across the Midwest, died on Wednesday at age 88. [The Root]
  • Lilian Jackson Braun, the author of The Cat Who … novels, died at 97. [Jezebel]


  • Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is in Zambia promoting women’s health. [Washington Post]
  • Not only may Libyan dictator Muammar Qaddafi have approved the rape of hundreds of women by the Libyan military, but he may have authorized them taking Viagra to aid in their sexual assaults. What is wrong with people? [Slate]