My Own Private Britney

britney spears addiction g1 jpg
The following essay originally appeared on The Fix, an excellent blog about addiction and recovery. It’s lengthy — but amazing! — so we’ve re-posted it in slideshow form. When Britney Spears was shooting the video for her recent single, “Till the World Ends,” her backup dancers were required to sign a non-disclosure agreement that was promptly leaked to the press. Included in the document was the following clause: “Contractor acknowledges that it is essential that [Britney] not be exposed to any alcohol, drugs, or controlled substances.” Ironic, given that the lyrics of the song—“See the sunlight, we ain’t stopping, keep on dancing till the world ends”—sound more like a description of a meth-fueled circuit party than the mantra of a woman whose considers her sobriety paramount. (It is worth noting that the song was co-written by slut-wave princess Ke$ha, who has built her career on a platform of ironic alcoholism.) The song’s apocalyptic delusions aside, the message was clear: If you have any drugs, leave Britney alone.
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