Trouble, Leona Helmsly’s $12 Million Pup, Dies

Normally, I get sad when I hear about pets dying. But something about the news that Leona Helmsley’s beloved Maltese, Trouble, had kicked the doggy bucket made me happy. Maybe now they’ll be reunited in the afterlife?

Trouble, is of course, the dog that real estate magnate Leona Helmsley left a boatload of money to when she passed away in 2007. To be exact, Leona willed $12 million to Trouble, though a judge later reduced the amount to $2 million.Carl Lekic, who assumed responsibility for Trouble, estimated that it cost $100K a year to care for the pooch, who got used to a very posh way of life when Leona was alive. Not to mention that Trouble needed a security detail—the dog received more than 20 death and kidnapping threats.

Trouble made it to age 12, but had lots of health problems in the past year—including loss of eyesight. Leona had requested that Trouble be buried with her in her mausoleum in the famous Sleepy Hollow Cemetery, but alas the cemetery’s board determined, “You cannot bury pets in a cemetery.”

So the million dollar question (literally): Does Trouble have a will?


Trouble’s money will go to the The Leona M. and Harry B. Helmsley Charitable Trust. Man, I was sort of hoping Trouble would choose to leave his money to a beloved bone.

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