James Franco: The Album

James Franco continues his quest to master every art form out there—from directing to writing to sculpture. Now, he’s a musician too! On July 12, James will be releasing his debut album, Turn It Up, a collaboration with Kalup Linzy, the drag-loving performance artist who James invited for an appearance on “General Hospital.” Thus this side project goes by the name Kalup and Franco. The duo will be making music videos full of “surprise guest cameos” for the three songs on the EP.

So the big question — will this album be good? I’m just not sure. Here, Kalup and James perform “Proud Mary.” I can’t help but notice that James basically just stands there, looking cute in his bow tie. So can the guy actually sing and/or craft songs? Guess we’ll have to wait and see.

Regardless—I swear, this guy will a master unicycler and macrame-artist any day now.


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