10 Foolproof Funk-Busters

My girlfriends always seem to know exactly what to do when I’m having a crap day. They’ll offer me words of wisdom, send me a ridiculous GIF, or take me to my favorite bar for a cocktail. The men in my life, not as much. Guys have the instinct to try to fix things and if they can’t, they get confused about what to do. While I love that about men, some things just aren’t meant to be fixed. Life can be sucky at moments and you’ve just got to soldier through. Sometimes all I need is to be cheered up. There is an art to it. Last week, I was feeling pretty down about an ill family member and the guy I’m dating brought me a bag of my favorite coffee beans. It lifted my spirits above and beyond. Gold star for him for figuring out how to snap me out of my funk in a millisecond. After the jump, some more foolproof funk-busters.

  1. A glass of wine and some reality TV. “The Real Housewives” + a glass of red wine = mother’s milk. Nothing makes me forget about my problems faster than a bunch of women fighting over hangers.
  2. Cook me a meal. I don’t really care if you’re not a gourmet chef. If you make me something — anything! — I’ll think it’s the best meal of my life … well, probably. If you are really clueless in the kitchen, takeout will suffice.
  3. Riding bikes. It’s impossible for me not to smile while riding bikes. I feel similarly about swimming, jumping on a trampoline, and doing karaoke.
  4. The old classic: a big hug. Hugs never go out of style. And they work better than words sometimes.
  5. Just listen.Don’t judge, don’t offer solutions, don’t give advice, don’t tell me I’m overreacting, JUST LISTEN. It’s like a magic balm that heals all wounds.
  6. Dancing. Dance for me, please? Especially if you are a bad dancer. Show me your most ridiculous dance moves. If you’re lucky, maybe I’ll join you.
  7. Comedy. A funny movie, an improv show, your own series of “knock, knock” jokes, I don’t care. Make me laugh until I pee my pants.
  8. Sex. Duh. Let’s do it.
  9. A massage. If I’m not in the mood to get it on, get me in the mood with a back rub, a shoulder rub, or a foot rub — preferably all three.
  10. Ice cream. A pint of Ben & Jerry’s por favor. Or maybe a scoop from the local ice cream shop. It’s, like, a no-brainer.

What snaps your out of a crap mood? Share your favorite funk-busters in the comments.

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