Meet Suzette Davis, Bentley From “The Bachelorette”‘s Ex And Baby Mama

I was nauseous as I watched Bentley Williams play out his sociopathic master plan on Ashley Hebert on the latest episode of “The Bachelorette.” I still can’t understand how — even if he was behaving like a pathetic excuse for a human being — it benefited him in any way to reveal his cruel intentions on national television. Why? Just why? Especially considering that Bentley is allegedly a strict Mormon, which means he doesn’t drink alcohol or have pre-marital sex. But it’s okay for him to intentionally deceive people? It just doesn’t add up. I’m sure the Mormon Church would not approve.

Alert: Spoilers after the jump.I cringed while watching Bentley knock on Ashley’s door to lie and tell her he was leaving the show because he wanted to be home with his daughter. The most disgusting part was not that he decided he wasn’t into Ashley, but that he used his daughter as an excuse. That, and he felt the need to try to leave things open for the future. “Let’s leave this with a dot … dot … dot,” he said. WTF? What kind of person does that? It made me sick. Ashley will recover from the violation, I hope. Although, according to Reality Steve — who manages to get every scoop on “The Bachelorette” before it happens — Ashley brings Bentley back for “closure” within the next three episodes and Life & Style is reporting that Ashley actually takes him back. Ugh. Let’s hope that is not the case. That would just be, well, insane. But I digress.

Perhaps the saddest part of all of this is that this man HAS A DAUGHTER. I’m convinced he is a sociopath as he exhibited no empathy whatsoever; a scary thing for a man with a child. I found myself very angry with ABC for allowing such an ethically questionable scene to play out. But just like a car crash you can’t stop watching, I needed to know more about Bentley’s ex, Suzette Davis. Who would procreate with this man? I did a little sleuthing and found out more about the lady who was married to the sickest scumbag on television.

Surprise! Bentley’s ex is an Emily Maynard look-a-like who sells a line of hand-crafted leggings and floral accessories for children on Etsy called Cozette Couture (after her and Bentley’s two-year-old daughter). Sources report that Bentley was campaigning to get back with Suzette before he went on the show for the sake of his daughter, but that Suzette was hesitant. I’m assuming that’s not going to happen now that he’s revealed himself to be, well, evil. Suzette tweeted during Monday’s episode, “Not looking forward to tonight, that’s for sure.” After the episode she sent a tweet of thanks, “I have honestly never felt so much love and support in all of my life. Thanks for all of the messages, tweets, texts etc. I love you all.” I know we don’t know the full story, but I feel bad for this woman and her daughter. She must feel disgusted. And in turn, I feel the need to publicly shame Bentley. Please help me do so in the comments.

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