“Gay Girl In Damascus” Blogger Amina Abdallah Abducted

UPDATE: A London woman, Jelena Lecic, has claimed that the “Gay Girl In Damascus” blogger has stolen her photographs to use as the public face of her blog. Lecic’s publicist said the woman knew before that a Syrian blogger had been using her pics, possibly taken from Facebook, as her identity. However, when blogger Amina Abdallah went missing recently, Lecic began seeing pictures of herself everywhere claiming they were of the missing woman. Now there is some doubt being cast on Abdallah’s actual identity. Summary: the whole thing is very weird. [MSNBC]

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A lesbian blogger in Syria, who penned a popular blog called “Gay Girl In Damascus,” was abducted, her family said. Amina Abdallah, 35, an English teacher, was a prominent voice in opposition to Syria’s leadership and had dodged other abduction attempts by suspected security agents, CNN reports. According to a blog post written by her cousin on Gay Girl In Damascus on June 6, Amina Abdallah and a friend were walking to a meeting when three men pulled up in a car and grabbed her. In a followup post, her cousin simply said she is “missing.” Her family suspects she may have been snatched by the Baath Party militia, but, her cousin wrote, Syria has 18 different police units/militaries and therefore the system is understandably difficult to navigate.

Syria, like many other countries in the Middle East, has been cracking down on protestors. CNN reports Amina Abdallah may have been of particular interest for a crackdown because she holds both Syrian and American citizenship, is internationally well-known, and is an out lesbian in a country where homosexuality is illegal.

Our thoughts are with her and her family.

[Gay Girl In Damascus]