Behold, The Pipparettes!

No, “The Pipparettes” are not some baton-twirling pep squad. They are what the British press has started calling Pippa Middleton’s three best friends. With the paparazzi trailing Pippa all over the freaking place, these three amigos are often captured in the background of shots, either walking beside or in back of the Pippster.

So who are the members of this posse? A quick rundown after the jump.

  • Alice St. John Webster. Alice and Pippa became friends while playing tennis and hockey in high school. These days, Alice is a 29-year-old teacher. She’s described as “fun, outgoing and bubbly,” but also “fiercely protective of Pippa.”
  • Camilla Campion-Awad. The party girl—or maybe the other party girl?—of the crew, friends describe Camilla as someone who “expects the finer things in life.” She works for her family’s plastic surgery business, though I’m not exactly sure what that means.
  • George Percy. Pippa’s old roommate at the University of Edinburgh, George is the son of the Duke of Northumberland. It’s long been rumored that these two might be more than just friends. “If anything were ever to happen with George, Pippa would be the Duchess of Northumberland one day and probably richer than Kate,” a source says.

Are you actually interested in these three, or do you wish the Pippa fascination would end?


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