13 Celebs Who’ve Gotten In Bar Fights

bar fight ed westwick jpg
Tequila shots are never a good idea. Just ask Ed Westwick, aka Chuck Bass, who ended up getting in a bar brawl after throwing back a few of them on Sunday night in New York City. Ed and some friends were at their second bar for the night when the “Gossip Girl” star made a big faux pas. “He unplugged the bar’s iPod without asking, plugged in his own, but didn’t press play,” a witness explained. “We yelled to turn the music on. He screamed back, ‘Who the [bleep] are you?’ We told him to chill, and he said ‘No, no, no. Who the [bleep] are you?’ ” He then insulted a woman who asked him to leave. At which point, the woman’s husband got handsy with Westwick and suggested they take it outside. The two exchanged some shoves before Westwick and his friends scuttled off into the night. [NY Post] Ahhh, the celebrity bar fight. After the jump, more famous folks who’ve gotten in them. I’ll let you decide whether to shake your head in disapproval or crowd around and yell “fight, fight, fight.” But for the record, I am in the former camp.
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