The Rosebuds Show That Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

Getting divorced sucks. And I’m willing to bet getting divorced sucks even more when the significant other you’re splitting from is also a member of your band. That’s exactly what happened for Kelly Crisp and Ivan Howard, the core members of The Rosebuds, who have been making sweet yet sinister indie-pop for the past decade. But both swear making Loud Planes Fly Low, an album about the demise of their marriage, was cathartic. “I have to say this is just the most honest record we’ve ever made,” Crisp told Spin. “The experience of being that honest is like hitting the reset button. You cannot believe how good that feels.” Crisp and Howard both have gorgeous, distant voices which add to the wistful feeling of alienation that pervades the album. But Crisp is right—there’s also a sense of hopefulness here, too.