Inspiration Board: Arya Stark & Daenerys Targaryen Of “Game Of Thrones”

inspiration board game of thrones 060611 m jpg
HBO’sGame of Thrones” is, by far, one of my favorite scripted shows this season because it features manipulative characters, violent fighting and sex, fantasy, and sets based on a historical period very different from our own modern times. My two favorite female characters are Arya Stark and Daenerys Targaryen because they are the strong opposites of their pathetic siblings, Sansa Stark and Viserys III Targaryen respectively. Arya bucks convention with her boy-like clothing, allowing her the maneuverability to master fencing, a skill I hear comes in handy later in the series. And Daenerys’ skin-baring gowns give her an appearance unlike other Dothraki women, helping to make her the “moon” of Khal Drogo’s life.

I look for fashion inspiration from many areas of pop culture, and couldn’t pass up the chance to create inspiration boards for these two awesome female characters.

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