Boyfriend Buys Billboard To Humiliate Ex After Her Alleged Abortion

The biggest a**hole in the world is this guy: Greg Fultz took out a billboard in New Mexico with a photograph of himself holding the outline of a baby, which reads, “This Would Have Been a Picture Of My 2-Month Old Baby If The Mother Had Decided To NOT KILL Our Child!” The kicker? Greg Fultz said he does not know if ex-girlfriend’s pregnancy ended because of an abortion or a miscarriage, but he doesn’t care. The humiliating billboard, he said, is “inspired” by his life events.According to ABC News, Nani Lawrence, the ex-girlfriend, took Fultz to court arguing that the abortion billboard is harassment, as well as accusing him of domestic violence. A domestic violence court commissioner agreed with her and warned Fultz he had to have the billboard removed by June 17. Fultz refuses to take the billboard down, though, because he says he has a right to free speech in which to humiliate his ex about this alleged abortion. Ah, yes, another creep hiding behind the First Amendment. Her lawyer countered, “I think Fultz’s right to free speech ends where Nani Lawrence’s right to privacy begins.” Damn straight (especially about something like her health).

What’s most disgusting about the abortion billboard is that Fultz actually had backup in this humiliating scheme. An anti-abortion group, Right to Life New Mexico, endorsed the abortion billboard and let Fultz use their logo — that is until they realized he wasn’t sure if his ex had miscarried or not. She refuses to speak with him, but her friends have told news outlets it was a miscarriage, which makes this whole billboard nonsense even more unbelievably cruel.

Any reasonable person could agree Greg Fultz is unstable — and so it makes perfect sense he’s parroting platitudes from so-called “men’s rights activists.” MRAs are activists who claim to fight to equalize custody arrangements on behalf of fathers, although that’s only part of their mission. In actuality, MRAs accuse female domestic violence victims of exaggerating or lying about their claims, trash the advances of feminism, and harass people on the internet and offline (including myself, Amelia, and Frisky/Good Men Project contributor Hugo Schwyzer, among others). (You can learn more about MRAs in my post or Hugo’s post.) Fultz said he posted the abortion billboard to soothe his hurt feelings over his broken six-month-long relationship:

“I just wanted to shed the light on pro-life issues and fathers’ rights. I have had no closure over my own personal loss and that’s where the billboard came into play.”

Closure. Right.

No doubt about it, breaking up with him was the smartest move his ex-girlfriend ever made.

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