UPDATE: Weinergate Is Getting Big: Anthony Weiner Topless Pics Emerge

UPDATE: Rep. Anthony Weiner admitted in a press conference today that he had sexual conversations over Facebook and sent scantily clad pics of his penis and his chest to numerous women, whom he thought were his “friends.” Weiner said he had inappropriate conversations with six women, some before his marriage began and some afterwards. Weiner claims he never met any of the women in person and didn’t have sex outside of marriage. His wife, Huma Abedin, who is the top aide to Hillary Clinton, was not beside him at the press conference, but Weiner said the couple has no plans to separate. His voice cracking, Weiner repeatedly apologized to his wife and his constituents, but said he has no intention of resigning. You can read quotes from Weiner’s press conference and watch it from the beginning at Talking Points Memo.


Rep. Anthony Weiner’s weiner isn’t the only body part he may have photographed: today a shirtless pic of Anthony Weiner’s bare chest hit the web. As promised, conservative wonk Andrew Breitbart has been leaking saucy pics of the Democratic rep all day. Big Government posted one image this morning depicting Weiner, fully clothed, sitting next to his cats. He sent it from his AOL account along with the title, “Me and the pussys.” This newest pic of Weiner shirtless (above) makes us wonder, 1) does he wax and 2) are there more pics to come where he’s taking it all off?The gossip blog Radar Online also claims a woman has come forward with “200 sexually explicit messages” from the pol on a private Facebook account, including talking about the “ridiculous bulge” in his shorts. The woman also claims to Radar that she and Weiner dirty talked on a 30-minute-long phone call. She claims she asked Weiner for a nude pic but he chickened out, which was probably the smartest move he could have made.

Frankly, if flirty texts and non-dirty bits pics is all there is, it’s still shady but ultimately tame by political sex scandal standards. I mean, he didn’t run off with his Argentinian lover or proposition a dude in an airport bathroom, like some other pols. However, Anthony Weiner is married to Huma Abedin, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s top aide, and that’s surely embarrassing to his wife. But hey, who better to talk Huma Abedin through how to survive a sex scandal than Hillary Clinton? [Big Government via Gawker]
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