MTV Movie Awards: Fashion Face-Offs

awards 060511 m jpg
There were a lot of people at the MTV Movie Awards that I didn’t know, mostly because I am a 100 years old, and I’ve never seen any of the “Harry Potter” movies and I only sat through half of one of the “Twilight” movies under the pretense of making out with a dude. (Pro tip: “Twilight” is much better if you imagine that Kristen Stewart’s character is actually a giant rotisserie chicken. Anyway.) So many Ashleys! It seems last night’s movies party/extended Spielberg advertisement offered quite the strange array of Fashion Bug animal prints and Harajuku street style-lite garments, and oh yes, even Lil’ Mama showed up, so you know it’s really a party. After the jump, we dissect Team Potter, Team Twilight and everything in between.
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