Dear Wendy Updates: “Once Bitten” Responds

It’s time again for “Dear Wendy Updates,” a feature where people I’ve given advice to in the past let us know whether they followed the advice and how they’re doing today. After the jump, we hear from “Once Bitten” who began an affair with an engaged man who had already dumped her once for the woman he would later propose to. “I know that the typical advice is ‘they never leave their wife,’ but I have loved this guy since we met and keep hoping that he’ll ‘choose me.’ When I’m with him, I always tell myself that being in love with him is enough. Then he goes home and my heart breaks,” she wrote. After the jump, find out if her boyfriend indeed chose her or if she finally got the courage to leave him for good.Dear Wendy: “I Caught Him In Bed with Another Woman!”
Dear Wendy: “My Boyfriend Has Become a Felon”

First and foremost, I am no longer having the affair. The comments from you and the Frisky readers both put me in my place and burned — but I didn’t take your advice and end it and cut him out of my life right away. The comments from you and your readers did remind me that I was being delusional, and I got more and more resentful of being the second choice, though. He sensed this and one day we sat down and had a really honest talk about what was going on. It ended up being one of those rare, mutual breakups. I am still sad about it; I did honestly love him and regardless of circumstances it’s not easy to part with someone you loved, but I am 100 percent convinced we did the right thing. Also 100 percent hoping to meet someone who just wants me.

He actually ended it with his fiancee a few weeks later and moved back to the city I live in (he was living with her about a two hour drive away). It’s so weird to think that after all this time we are both single and living in the same city but not dating. I wish him well and honestly really hope we both end up happy, it’s just taken a while to stop hoping that we end up happy together. — Once Bitten

Good for you for ending things, and also for resisting the urge to get back together with him now that he’s really available. The guy has already proven his lack of respect for relationships … and for you. You deserve better than that and I hope you find it!

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