12 Ladies Who Chose To Look (Mostly) Lovely At Spike TV’s Guys Choice Awards

guys choice slide 1 jpg
Spike TV’s “Guys Choice Awards” filmed the night before the MTV Movie Awards, but don’t air until this Friday, so any hype about who won and what people wore will likely have worn off by then. I shall contribute to that by revealing what the ladies in attendance wore and what they won in this slideshow, as I think this particular award show is more ridiculous than others. Basically, the men are celebrated for being brotastic and women are celebrated for being different versions of “hot.” I think the guys who watch Spike TV are a bit like the Eskimos, but instead of having a ton of different words for “snow,” they have many different words for “hot.” Unfortunately, I have yet to figure out what distinguishes them. What I DO know is that the famous women who attended the awards did indeed dress to the nines. Clearly they got the memo. Keep clickin’ to see who was there and what they wore!
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