Why Sarah Palin Will Never Be President

Why won’t Sarah Palin ever be president? It won’t be because of her shoddy grasp of foreign policy (“I can see Russia from my house!”). It won’t be because of the ethics investigations that dog her. It won’t because her pro-abstinence-only education, anti-abortion policies harm women and girls and a revolution of ladies have risen up to tell her where to shove it — although I wish that were it.

No, Sarah Palin will never be president because man shall never be ruled by a woman. So says this fellow, who calls himself the “third eagle of the apocalypse,” and justifies the subjugation of women with fundamentalist Biblical teachings. Woman should always submit to a man, he says, and it would disrupt the order of things if a woman were in charge.

Hoo boy.

Alas, this video is not new. But it’s worth posting as a reminder: as much as I disagree with Sarah Palin’s policies and personal conduct, she is still subject to the same sexism in society that I am. And for that — dare I say it? — I feel some solidarity to her. [YouTube]

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