8 Things To Know About Justin Theroux, Jennifer Aniston’s (Maybe) New Man

It appears that Jennifer Aniston may have a new dude in her life—one Mr. Justin Theroux. The two were first seen together in March, at the Chateau Marmont, having dinner with a group of friends. But more recently they have been spotted having dinner solo and even having a sleepover at Jen’s house. Us Weekly calls them “undercover lovers” and says they are “inseparable.” And a source told People this week that on May 27, Jennifer had a shindig for close friends like Courteney Cox and Chelsea Handler, and invited Justin too. “They all had a great time and enjoyed Justin’s company,” the source explained. “He’s edgier than the guys Jen usually dates. She really likes him!”

Might I add that, when he shaves, Justin is smoking hot?

So who is this guy? Find out after the jump.

  1. Jennifer and Justin met in the fall while filming the comedy “Wanderlust” on location in Georgia. The flick is about a couple who, when they lose their jobs, head south to stay with family and end up at a bed and breakfast that just happens to be a nudist colony. While Jennifer is married to Paul Rudd in the movie, her and Justin supposedly struck up a great friendship on set.
  2. Justin is 39—only three years younger than Jennifer—and is the son of a journalist and corporate lawyer from Washington, D.C. Justin was apparently a bit of a wild child, getting kicked out of multiple schools before age 14. At that point, he found himself interested in art and drama, which he studied at Bennington College.
  3. While you may not know Justin by name, you certainly know him by his work. He had a recurring role on “Six Feet Under” and in movies like “I Shot Andy Warhol,” “Charlie’s Angels,” “The Baxter,” “American Psycho,” and “Mulholland Drive.” Oh, and he has the strange distinction of having appeared on “Sex and the City” as two different characters—Jared (the braggy novelist) in season one and Vaughn (the guy whose mom family Carrie liked better than the guy himself) in season two.
  4. In a parallel universe, Jennifer and Justin could have met years earlier. He apparently turned down a screen test for “Friends.” He said a few years ago of the decision, “Who wouldn’t want to be a bazillionaire, but I don’t really regret it.”
  5. Justin is also a writer. In fact, he co-wrote “Tropic Thunder” with Ben Stiller and did the screenplay for “Iron Man 2.” Not too shabby.
  6. Apparently, Justin can also breakdance. He showed off his skills in “Zoolander.”
  7. Some think this whole romance may be a set up. Jennifer and Justin are repaid by the same PR firm, leading some to believe their romance is a stunt to raise publicity for “Wanderlust.” This is furthered by the fact that Justin has been dating stylist Heidi Bivens for years and her mom recently said Justin and Jennifer are “just friends.”
  8. When asked about shooting “Wanderlust” with Jennifer a little while back, Justin said, “She was fantastic, the classiest lady I know.” Awww.

What do you think of this guy? We think he might be just the right match for Jen…


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